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Rabbit Entry Fees







Sales Coop




(ages 13 & over)



(ages 5-12)



(ages 4 & under)


All Ages
Must Order
Tickets by
Entry Deadline

Banquet tickets much be purchased through Easy2Show by entry deadline, even if you are not showing rabbits.

All banquet attendees needs a ticket, even 4 year olds.  The number of chairs, plates, glasses, etc are determined by the number of tickets – there may not be extras available. 

All entries will be through Easy2Show online portal, deadline is APRIL 23, 2024.  

Once entered submit payment via PayPal to  Alternately make a check payable to Kansas Dutch Rabbit Club may be sent to Nancy Kennedy, 2484 151st Road, Atlanta, KS 67008 – please postmark by April 18 to ensure delivery by entry deadline.

Entry Deadline is April 23

Sale Coops

Cost is $3.00 each, please include with entries. Only one rabbit allowed per cage.

All cooped rabbits must meet minimum ARBA weight for breed.
Sale coops are limited to the same number or less of National Show Entries.

Sale coops have solid bottoms with shavings provided.

All Rabbits in the show room must be entered in a National Breed Show or in a reserved coop. Sale Animals are not welcome outside of the building. 

Open and Youth Fur Classes

The open and youth fur classes will be judged on Friday night. All rabbits entered in fur must be entered in regular show. Fur entries must be pre-entered on the regular entry form. All open fur entries will be judged as a single class and all youth fur entries will be judged as a single class. The top placing rabbit of each variety wins best fur of that variety and the top placing rabbit in the class will be awarded best overall fur winner. Rabbits disqualified in the regular show will also be disqualified from the fur class. Exhibitors are responsible for carrying their own rabbits to the show table, unless other arrangements have been made.

AOV Class

This class will consist of any variety of Dutch not currently recognized by the ARBA. Pre-enter on registration form. AOV must be pre-entered with regular NDS entries.


Exhibitors are responsible for caring for their own rabbits.

In order to receive any specials offered by the American Dutch Rabbit Club, exhibitors must be members of the ADRC.

As those who have attended will know, our rabbit barn has permanent cooping with wire floors and solid dividers. It is not necessary to bring risers, cardboard, etc. While feed and water dishes are available at the showroom, these are not cleaned between shows. We recommend bringing your own dishes that will attach securely to 1”x2” wire. Many of these coops have holes for the provided J-feeders. You may use the provided J-feeders to close the gaps or bring cable ties to do this. Carriers may be stored underneath coops or in the poultry barn.

We’ll be the 4 th large national specialty show in April, so we will be preparing the barn by cleaning and disinfecting coops and judging tables. Supplies to make any necessary repairs will be on hand. If you find that an assigned coop needs some attention, please let the show committee know. We’ll fix it! Do not attempt to make a repair yourself or complain to everyone but us!



April 25

4pm – 10pm


April 26

9am – 10pm


April 27



April 28


The showroom will be open Thursday, April 25th from 4 pm to 10 pm and on Friday, April 26th from 9 am to 10 pm to accept entries. All animals must be in the showroom, checked in and cooped by 5:00 Friday.

On show day, Saturday, April 27th, the showroom will open at 6 am and close at end of show prior to the banquet and will not be re-opened Saturday night.

Animals will be released on Sunday, April 28th from 6 am to 11 am. Animals left in the showroom after 11 am Sunday become the property of the Kansas Dutch Rabbit Club. Please check that you have the correct rabbit when you are leaving.

We would very much appreciate all rabbits removed from coops by 8 am so that we can begin cleanup. You are welcome to load rabbits in carriers and leave them in the showroom while you get breakfast, check out of your hotel, or make any other travel preparations and return to pick them up by 11:00. We are a small group and need our sleep, so please plan your travel around these showroom hours.












National Dutch Show Rules and Regulations

  1. This is an ARBA, ADRC and Kansas State RBA sanctioned show and will be governed by the latest ARBA show rules.  Filing of an entry indicates acceptance of these rules.
  2. Send PayPal payments to Checks should be made out to Kansas Dutch Rabbit Club or KDRC.  A $30 charge will be assessed for a check returned unpaid.  Until check is paid  exhibitor will not be allowed to enter future shows.
  3. Please remember the same rabbit cannot be entered in both the Youth and Open Shows.   Youth and Open entries each have their own Easy2Show Entry Portal, make sure you select the right one . All rabbits must be entered in the name of the bona fide owner.  All fur entries must be entered in the regular class.
  4. All rabbits must be permanently and legibly ear marked or they will be disqualified from competition. Comment cards and entry forms must match.
  5. Carriers will be provided during the National Shows for open and youth.
  6. Neither KDRC nor the Kansas State Fair Grounds will be responsible for any injury or accident occurring during the show.  Please understand the   below Kansas law before entering, it is also posted in the show room.

    KS LAW K.S.A. 60-4001 THROUGH 60-4004                     

  7. Parents are responsible for damage done by their children, please keep track of them.  All activities will be held in the rabbit and poultry building. Convention attendants should not enter any other building on the grounds.  We will do all within our power to have a safe show, please do the same.
  8. KDRC reserves the right to substitute or add a judge if necessary.
  9. Equipment and Sales Displays must have permission from the show superintendent to set up.  There is a fairgrounds charge of $60.00, plus $6.00 per table rented. Please let Nancy Kennedy know how many tables are needed by April 18.
  10. Any animal showing signs of illness or disease will be removed from the showroom. “KDRC reserves the right to refuse entries from exhibitors  placing an entry from all locations within 50 miles which has had a confirmed outbreak of RCV/RHD/VHD within the past 30 days of the entry deadline.”
  11. Due to limited space all rabbits in the show room must be entered.  No chairs, grooming tables, carriers, or other items will be allowed in the aisles, along the north and south walls, behind judging tables, in front of coops, etc. Exhibitors will be able to set up chairs in the poultry barn and some designated areas in the back of the rabbit barn. There is a small set of bleachers near the judging tables and of course, the best seat in the house – the writers’ table! Again: Chairs will be allowed in designated sections of the showroom ONLY for the entirety of the show weekend. Those not in designated sections will be removed.
  12. Interpretation of the show rules will be by the show officials

ADRC Dutch Auction

1. Shall be held each year at the National Dutch Show and the ARBA Convention.

2. Rabbits in the Auction can come from youth and open exhibitors.

3. The Dutch Auction will have a limited number of stock available to ensure higher quality. Only 15 total animals will be allowed in the sale and must meet the following requirements:

A. The sale can include up to five animals that earned a top five placing (as long as they were in the top 1/3 of the class) at the current national show. This is limited to the first five animals that are signed up. No approval by committee members is required.

B. The remaining ten animals will be the first ten to be examined and approved by at least two of the ADRC Auction committee members.

4. All rabbits in the Dutch Auction must be owned by ADRC members.

5. Auction committee members shall invite breeders in advance to ask them to consider bringing an animal(s) for the committee to approve.

6. Minimum bid on Auction animals is $100. The seller shall receive 75% with the ADRC scholarship fund receiving 25% of the final bid. Owners may set a reserve to be obtained.

7. The Dutch Auction committee members are responsible for publicizing the Auction and the animals on the sale. The date and time of the sale shall be posted in advance for the membership.

8. All rabbits must be paid for at the completion of the Auction with payment going to the ADRC Secretary. Pay out checks to the sellers are available a couple hours after the Auction at request or will be mailed within a month of the Auction.


Official ARBA Open and Youth Sanctioned Show
American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.
Eric Stewart, Executive Director
PO Box 400, Knox, PA 16232-0400.
(814) 297-8233 – –
Membership Dues $20.00 per yr. 3 yrs. $50.00
Combination Husband & Wife $30.00 per yr. 3 yrs. $75.00
Youth Membership $12.00 per yr. 3 yrs. $30.00
Official ADRC Sanction Show

The National ARBA Convention is
Oct 26-30, 2024 in Louisville, KY

Official ADRC Sanction Show
American Dutch Rabbit Club
Shannon Krolikowski, 1877 S. Bridgeview Lane, Midland, MI 48640
(989) 600-1588,
Membership: Adult – (New) $15, (Renewal) $10; Youth – (New) $13, (Renewal) $8; Husband/Wife – (New) $19, (Renewal) $14; Family – (New) $25, (Renewal) $20;
Sanction Fees: OPEN $12.00; YOUTH $10.00
Open and Youth Combined $18.00 Must be requested at the same time. If five or less shown in Open or five or less shown in Youth, free sanction within the following year of original show date. Sanction chair must be notified of the above within 30 days after original show date.
Send Sanction Requests to: Shannon Krolikowski (address above)
Send Show Reports to: Tiffany Wayne
32881 790th Ave Ellendale, MN 56026
(507) 383-0849